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About Us

The Royal Palace of Venaria: An Architectural, Cultural, and Artistic Masterpiece. A place of immense charm that captivates and enchants with its beauty, grandeur, and majesty.

On the top floor, just above the Diana Gallery and a step below the sky, sits Dolce Stil Novo, the only restaurant within a royal palace, offering breathtaking views of the Gardens, the Fishpond, the Court of Honor, and the Stag Fountain.

A unique journey between culinary pleasure and the thrill of history.

A New Opportunity for Your Business

A Unique Space Dedicated to Companies Seeking to Offer Their Clients and Collaborators Not Just a Simple Breakfast or Business Dinner, but a True Visual, Emotional, and Culinary Experience.

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The menu

After discovering our story and the soul of Dolce Stil Novo, immerse yourself in the culinary art that defines our identity.

Each dish on our menu is a work of art, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, masterfully created by Michelin-starred Chef Alfredo Russo.

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