Unique Moments to Enjoy and Remember

Evento Dolce Stil Novo giardini reggia di venaria

A Unique Venue for a Unique Event!

A Royal Residence for Royal Events.
Step out of the ordinary. Step into history.

It seems almost impossible that just a short distance from the center of a large city, one can enter a new dimension of life, filled with nature, art, and history, masterfully blended together to offer a superb spectacle.

Yet, all this is Real.

Eventi sala diana e audi

Tailor-Made Events at Venaria Reale

Venaria also has another virtue: an incredible variety of spaces available for rent for any event or occasion. Just choose the one that best meets your goals.

For your catering, dinner setup, buffets, welcome coffees or coffee breaks, we can support you with all our experience.

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Alfieri’s Belvedere

There are places where work and pleasure are one and the same. Like Alfieri’s Belvedere, where everything takes on a different aspect.

On the terrace, a panoramic room offering a splendid view of the Alps, the hill, and overlooking the gardens of the Royal Palace.

The uniqueness of the room makes it the most prestigious reference point for top-level meetings, encounters, and for every other occasion.

interno ristorante torre alfieri dolce stil novo

World Heritage Site – UNESCO

The Venaria Reale complex is an extraordinary environmental-architectural unicum, an immense, varied and evocative space, where you can’t help but be involved in magical atmospheres (World Heritage Site – UNESCO)

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